Makeup Must Haves for Less

How glam is that gold bag?! Typically ispy sends out hot pink packaging but I’m loving the gold this month.¬†

Hey there makeup lovers! Have I got scoop for you.

I debated what my first post for my blog would be. Would I go with something deep and personal about my life? Something maybe more glam, like fashion tips for fall? Then it came to me as I walked back home with my mail in hand. What better way to start my creative juices flowing than give you the inside scoop on one of my must have makeup subscriptions! Don’t forget to grab a cup of joe so you can stay alert and informed on this important information. ūüôā

I am sure many of you have gotten, seen or heard of ipsy, but for those you have not I will break it down (no I will not be rapping, I’m sorry you got excited). There is a makeup revelation out there and the leader (in my opinion)¬†is¬†ipsy. ¬†So here’s the scoop, ipsy is a monthly makeup subscription that costs $10 a month. ¬†The payment comes out of my bank account the first of every month and I receive my package around the middle of the month. ¬†When you first sign up¬†you get to take a fun beauty quiz¬†that asks you questions about you’re skin tone, eye and hair color, brands you like, products you’re interested in, how comfortable you are with makeup and more! ¬†After the quiz and registering you’re account (that part is free) you become an¬†ipster (welcome to the club!)¬†and can order your first glam bag full of¬†five¬†deluxe sample to full size fun beauty products that get sent right to your¬†mailbox! ¬†The best part is, each order comes in a new makeup bag that you could keep in your purse to tote you’re makeup or (if you’re you’re feeling generous)¬†even give to a friend!

Come on, look how aesthetic¬†that bag is for summer! Can you say #instagramvibes? Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!¬†

For me, getting into the makeup scene was something that allowed my little creative side to come out. ¬†Playing around with different products and testing to see different looks for different occasions became a hobby for me. But let me tell you something… makeup is expensive!¬†Even walking down the drug store isle I was thinking, how can I purchase multiple products and still afford to, oh you know, pay my bills? What if I didn’t even like the makeup I ended up purchasing? ¬†Would it just sit in my draw, maybe I could give it to a friend, or would it go in the trash? Personally, I do not like to waste money, but I also don’t enjoy wasting my time with the stress of deciding what makeup to buy. ¬†Am I alone here?¬†Then along came ipsy! Every month I get to try out different high end products that I had seen in stores but couldn’t afford to purchase full size. ¬†Check, and mate.¬†

Another amazing feature about your ipsy account is the rewards system. ¬†Once you receive your bag, you can go online and review not only each product, but the glam bag itself form one to five stars. ¬†Maybe one month the bag isn’t to your liking¬†(you didn’t like the products, or the colors were off), give that sucker a two star and next month they will adjust the bag to more of what you’re looking for. ¬†Wouldn’t that be a nice feature in life…go on a date, don’t like the dude, give him two stars. Oh wait, is that how Tinder works? Any who, back to the real topic here.¬† Anther great¬†addition is you can retake the beauty quiz at any time to revamp what you’re preferences are! For each review on your overall bag you earn¬†ten points¬†and you earn¬†fifteen points for each individual product review. ¬†That means you get a total of¬†eighty-five points per bag! the best part, you can use those points and redeem them for additional products to add into your bag.¬†Ca-ching!

All of the products I received in my ipsy bag this month! 

There are many make up subscriptions available for those looking. ¬†Maybe you’re just getting into the makeup scene, or want to try out new products without breaking the bank or maybe you just get a rush from opening a beautiful package once a month (raises hand slowly).¬†¬†Personally, I’ve tried the Birchbox and ipsy services. ¬†Although there are many more out there including Boxycharm, Glossybox and now even makeup stores are participating in the trend with their own boxes! ¬†For me, ipsy was the best choice for a few reasons.

It costs $10 a month.¬†A few other subscriptions services do charge around the same price as ipsy like Birchbox and the Sephora box. ¬†Other subscriptions are around $20 a month like Boxycharm or Glossybox.¬†I’ve never tried those services but if you’re not opposed to spend a little more each month, go for it!¬†

I found ipsy has bigger and better products for the price.¬†My very first subscription was for Birchbox. ¬†I discovered that I was never getting products that I knew or that were enough for me to use more than once and really get to like. ¬†Who can use a product once and really know for sure it will suit them?¬†If you can, I am one jealous beauty lover. I have never been disappointed with the brands or product size from ispy! A few months ago I received an IT cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye in my bag. ¬†You can find the exact product I received¬†here¬†on Ulta Beauty’s website for $10! That’s how much I paid for my entire five product glam bag, need I say more?

The website and rewards program are extremely easy to follow and understand!  Each month when I go into my profile I can easily review my bag, review each product and find my points that are available to cash in for products.

Ipsy works with brands to give¬†ipsters discounts and offers on major beauty products!¬†If you have an account, go on their website and find the offers tab. ¬†There you will find offers from both ipsy and brands that are discounted that month! Who¬†doesn’t love to save money on something you’re already in love with?¬†

If you don’t know what a product is or how to use it, don’t fear, ispy is here!¬† If you go to your glam bag on the website, then find a product you just don’t know how to use¬†(it happens), click on the learn more tab to find steps, pictures and even a video to give you some tips and inspiration.¬†If you haven’t been convinced to try ipsy yet, let me show you my glam bag this month! I showed all of the products and glam bag above, but I’ll take you through each individual product.

The first products I took out were this gorgeous champagne highlighter from Catrice (full size)¬†and a Crown SS035 Medium Face Contour Brush. ¬†Searching the web I came across the highlighter¬†on Ulta¬†for $2.99 and the Crown brush on the Crown¬†website¬†for $6.99. ¬†Now if I can do math¬†(takes out phone calculator), just kidding guys, I can add this up to see that only¬†two products would retail at¬†$9.98! ¬†Guys…we still have three more products I got in my bag. ¬†If you need more convincing, let’s carry on.

I was super excited to see this Makeup Forever Excessive Lash Mascara to try out! Of course this is a sample size, weighing around 2.5 mL, but I can still get a few uses out of it or even take it as a travel size on my next trip!¬†(Anyone planning any trips soon I could tag along on?)¬†I found the full size version of the mascara by clicking on the¬†Shop now link located next to the product description on my ipsy profile. ¬†If you go to the Makeup Forever¬†website¬†you’ll see the full size (8.5 mL) is listed for $25.00. ¬†I definitely could not afford to buy this product without knowing 100% it would work for my needs and lashes. ¬†How many of you have been personally victimized but clumpy mascara?¬†Ipsy makes it easy to try out multiple brands without breaking the bank! Another product I received is the Hey Honey Come Clean: Propolis and Minerals Facial Scrub¬†15 mL sample size. ¬†The full sized product is¬†listed¬†on their website at $24.00 for 70 mL. I would be paying around $5.14 for the 15 mL sample I got in my glam bag (I did math)!¬†Let’s see, our total price is up to about $22.47 for the four products I’ve listed so far; and I only paid $10 for my entire bag!!


How cute are these little¬†Face Food Yogurt Masks?¬†Let me know if you guys want to know how these work out!¬† Now, I know what you’re thinking. ¬†Does this chick know how to count? We’ve already gone through four products, she’s listed two more here…that’s six…right? I thought you only got five in each bag?¬†How many of you had to recount just to make sure?¬†Don’t be fooled, you’re counting is on track. ¬†The cool part is that ispy knows its costumers and they know people would say something about how one face mask won’t always give results. ¬†They’ve included two face masks as one product because secretly they want to be like Oprah.

Image provided from

Yes, I did create this image just for the laughs.¬†That’s how amazing the internet is.¬† I digress, back to the products. ¬†Apparently, ipsy got fancy here and sent me products from London so I had to convert from pounds to dollars for you guys. ¬†Each individual packet of the face masks, listed on¬†Vitamasques¬†website is around $3.85. ¬†Let’s everyone grab their calculators and help me add up the sum total of all the products I received! ¬†It’s okay, I’ll give you some time to go back and add them all up…okay, got em?¬†According to my calculations all six products retail value adds up to be around $30.17! ¬†Again, I only paid $10 for the entire collection AND¬†the adorable makeup bag!!

Okay, let’s review all that we’ve learned. ¬†I apologize for spouting off all kinds of information,¬†this coffee got me excited, so let’s break it down again. ¬†You pay $10 a month, receive five¬†amazing products in the mail along with a¬†cute af makeup bag AND get rewards to cash in for future products. ¬†Did I get it all? So if I have interested you in the least bit, go on over to¬†ipsy¬†and take the beauty quiz¬†(remember that part is free)! I promise, you won’t regret it. ¬†And, even if you end up wanting to change your mind or cancel your account, it’s just an easy click away. ¬†I’ve had my ipsy for about a year now and each month I still get as excited as a #basicbitch holding a grande double shot vanilla iced soy latte.¬†Who am I kidding, that’s also me.¬†

If you’ve made it this far in my post, you’re a saint. ¬†Thank you for reading along and I hope if you try out ipsy, you’ll love it as much as I do! I’ll list my referral link down below but don’t feel pressured to use it. ūüôā Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to get the latest updates on my life and adventures in a new city!


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